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Training and Certifications

trainingSecurity Consultants Training Academy provides a wide array of training services. We offer training to the General Public and to our Professional Security clients. Click to see course descriptions and calendar.

Our Instructors and course lesson plans are approved and Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS). Our Students are trained to a 21st Century standard for the 21st Century Challenges. “Old School” is somebody else’s school, not Security Consultants Training Academy. Our students are always trained in a pleasant, fun and comfortable environment. Students are always welcome to relax, have a soft drink or snack during our classes. We also realize that schedules can be a challenge, especially in the security field; if you are making a real effort to get to class on time, we will work with you. We also offer classes at night and on weekends upon request.

We simply insure that, upon satisfactory completion of our offered courses and a submission of an approved application to DCJS, you will be qualified to work with any licensed Private Security agency in Virginia. We even fill out the DCJS paperwork for you, fingerprints and all, no extra charge.

Security Consultants, Inc. has quietly been a leader in the training business since 1958. We have always been dedicated to provide the most current and comprehensive training available in the Security and Investigative professions. We have always had a strict “Non-compete No Recruit” policy. Our long-term clients know this and our new clients can rest assured that your quality Officers will be trained in a comfortable, pleasant, pressure free environment. Potential students and Security Company Executives are always welcome to drop by and audit our classes at any time. So compare us to the other schools, ask the Officers on the beat where they train and come join us for your next training session.

What we Offer:

  • Armed Certification
  • Armed Recertification
  • Driver Improvement 5+ Points Clinic
  • Firearm Endorsement
  • Unarmed Certification
  • Unarmed In-service
  • Private Investigation Certification
    • Private Investigation Recertification
  • PPS (Personal Protection Specialist) Certification
    • PPS Recertification
  • DCJS Photo ID's (free to our students)
  • Fingerprinting (free to our students)
  • General Public Firearms Safety & Concealed Weapons training

For more information contact us at or view our calendar:

Security Consultants Training Academy
201 Research Drive #102
Chesapeake, VA 23320
Phone: (757) 312-8474


Driver Improvement Program

Security Consultants Training Academy is pleased to provide a Driving Improvement Program from the Viriginia Department of Motor Vehichle.

Whether it is court or DMV ordered, our AAA Certified Instructors are available for weekend classes starting at 8:00am to 5:00pm.   The weekday classes are two sessions from 7:00pm to 11:00pm.

Please review our training schedules by the month and look for code "DIP" (Driver Improvement Program) for class dates or call 757-312-8363.

Students will earn up to 5 points every 24 months. Cost for the class is $65 cash or major credit card. Call 757-312-8363 to make payment arrangements.



Driver Improvement

Security Consultants, Inc.

VA DCJS Certified Security Training Academy - DCJS #88-1112


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